Google Eviction Specialist Refuses to Be Served Lawsuit

Kevin Montgomery · 07/30/14 05:45PM

Jack Halprin may be the head of Google's armada of eDiscovery lawyers, but he's becoming an serial evictor back in San Francisco. After purchasing a seven-unit building in the Mission District in 2012, he quickly began illegally evicting his tenants. But now four of his tenants are suing him for violating a litany of laws, and Halprin is trying to elude the lawsuit.

Do the Anti-Tech Protests Still Matter?

Kevin Montgomery · 06/26/14 03:45PM

Outside of Google I/O yesterday morning, San Francisco's usual squad of anti-tech protesters assembled to air their usual list of grievances against the Valley giant. They may have traded their clown costumes for Star Wars outfits, but the rallying calls were all the same: no more evictions, Google's buses are hurting Muni, and the company perpetuates inequality.