Startup Founder Hacks Investor’s Voicemail In Attempt to Get Funding

Nitasha Tiku · 10/27/14 12:20PM

It's hard to cast a better clusterfuck—or a worse caricature of Silicon Valley hustle—than what happened to tech investor Jason Calacanis. "Someone hacked my voicemail and changed my outgoing message to get me to invest," he wrote on Instagram yesterday, along with a recording of the new message.

Angel Investing Is No Different Than Gambling in Vegas

Nitasha Tiku · 11/22/13 06:24PM

Entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis offered an exquisite example of the dangers created by loosening the rules around crowd-funding. During a PandoMonthly fireside chat last night, Calacanis not only argued that any consumer knows how to pick a winning startups, but that the populist thing to do is to let the masses bet on them.

Blog Millionaire Warns of Imminent Google Glass Ass-Kickings

Sam Biddle · 07/09/13 12:46PM

Jason Calacanis, who once made a popular thing many years ago and has since been a go-to authority on race relations and poker, is ready with his forecast for the future of Google Glass. There's some bad news: the face computer's ruining his dance floor vibes, and he just might "punch you in the face" over it.