Sam Biddle · 09/05/14 09:48AM

Here's something grotesquely unethical: Vox's Timothy B. Lee, rapidly becoming one of the internet's worst voices, is boasting today of how he's investing in Bitcoin, a cyber-currency propped up by media attention.

TechCrunch's Revolving Door Keeps Spinning

Sam Biddle · 08/25/14 12:25PM

TechCrunch contributor Billy Gallagher is the latest writer for the site to make the jump into venture capital. Only this time, Gallagher is going to continue writing for the site, despite a conflict of interest so large it can be viewed from space.

What Kinds of Stories Would You Like to See on Valleywag?

Nitasha Tiku · 07/28/14 01:45PM

Much like the nimble startups we cover, Valleywag is open to iteration. While our inbox is a many splendored stream of tips and suggestions, we want to pose the question to the group: What would you like to read on Valleywag?

Even Tech Bloggers Hate Themselves

Nitasha Tiku · 07/15/14 01:40PM

This week, New York magazine profiles Re/code's Kara Swisher—attempting to parse how a rabid reporter who knows so many of Silicon Valley's secrets still enjoys the adoration of its executives. The feature also touches on the "clusterfuck" that is contemporary tech journalism.

The Sun Valley "Summer Camp for Billionaires" Is Boring as Hell

Sam Biddle · 07/11/14 10:59AM

Several centuries ago, executives behind the AOL-Time Warner deal met in private at the annual Sun Valley oligarch conference to plot their own demise. To this day, business reporters are still flown to the sleepy Idaho town, hoping something, anything, will happen. But it doesn't. Sun Valley is fucking dull.

CNBC Show Implodes After Co-Host Outs Tim Cook

Sam Biddle · 06/27/14 01:23PM

The problem with treating the truth like a dirty secret is that it leads to situations like today's, where a CNBC panelist brought his own show to a halt after stating the obvious: "Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact that he's gay at the head of Apple, isn't he?" Silence.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/20/14 12:45PM

Business Insider editor Jim Edwards found a way to disrupt disclosures: buying $1,000 of Twitter stock. "I found that owning stock made me much more sensitive to news about the companies and what was going on inside them."

Why Does TechCrunch Let Its Reporters Work for Startups?

Sam Biddle · 05/14/14 11:47AM

Expecting ethical behavior from TechCrunch is like expecting your adopted chimpanzee to not eat your face—unfair to you, unfair to the chimp. Yet, impressively, even after years of sleaze, the Silicon Valley blog of record is still finding new ways to create conflicts of interest.

Is This the Worst Tech Idea of 2014?

Sam Biddle · 05/02/14 12:55PM

If you can't birth a genuinely good idea, there's a mounting body of evidence saying you should try the most deliberately stupid idea possible. How about a storage unit company that's calling itself a technology startup?

60 Minutes Decided to Stop Blowing Amazon

Sam Biddle · 03/20/14 12:26PM

Last December, exquisitely timed for the Black Friday shopping orgasm, CBS aired a very long, very serious commercial for Amazon and its pipe dream delivery drone. Only a few months later, it's trying to play the skeptic.

Pando Spikes a Post Critical of a Company It Shares Investors With

Sam Biddle · 02/13/14 11:08AM

The crookedest little bloghouse in Silicon Valley just hit a new low, it appears: A negative story about Birchbox, a beauty-product site with which Pando shares investors, was deleted shortly after being published. Unfortunately for Pando and the backers it loves so dearly, this is the internet, and nothing ever disappears.