Bieber's Selfie App Is a Total Dud

Sam Biddle · 12/05/13 10:40AM

A fawning, sprawling writeup from TechCrunch and the co-sign of a pop boy-deity looks like it wasn't enough: the hyper-hyped Shots of Me app is already sliding into oblivion.

If Justin Bieber Is a "Lead Investor" Then Tech Titles Have No Meaning

Nitasha Tiku · 11/04/13 04:04PM

Last week, Lenovo, a Chinese multinational corporation that sells personal computers and other electronic devices, hired actor-capitalist Ashton Kutcher as a "product engineer." Not a celebrity spokesperson, venture capitalist, or even the more laissez-faire "creative director" (à la Alicia Keys and BlackBerry, but a product engineer. Today, Fortune reports that Justin Bieber is the "lead investor" in a "new teen-focused social network" called Shots of Me.