Ex-Googler Is Now the White House's Top Techie

Sam Biddle · 09/04/14 10:57AM

Megan Smith, formerly of Google's shadowy "X" facility, is the new Chief Technology Officer of the United States, tasked with maintaining a technological edge for the entire country.

Even Tech Bloggers Hate Themselves

Nitasha Tiku · 07/15/14 01:40PM

This week, New York magazine profiles Re/code's Kara Swisher—attempting to parse how a rabid reporter who knows so many of Silicon Valley's secrets still enjoys the adoration of its executives. The feature also touches on the "clusterfuck" that is contemporary tech journalism.

Lena Dunham's Publicity Tour of Silicon Valley

Nitasha Tiku · 02/14/14 04:20PM

You can't crown yourself the voice of this generation without a little tech cred. Why else has Lena Dunham been popping up around Silicon Valley this week?

Nitasha Tiku · 12/09/13 05:11PM

AllThingsD editors Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg made a deal with NBCUniversal "for a news and conference business that will bring their current staff" to a new, still unnamed website. The holding company is called Revere Digital, after the Revolutionary War hero.