Rand Paul Will Embrace Any Idiotic Idea Techies Come Up With

Kevin Montgomery · 10/09/14 12:35PM

Silicon Valley's tech tycoons have been lurching towards the right wing for years now. But with the Valley's valuations climbing to record heights, those billionaires are backing Republicans like never before—and the party of obstruction is willing to say whatever it takes to get their dollars.

Larry Ellison Learns Hawaiian Island Makes Uncool Engineering Project

Nitasha Tiku · 09/23/14 07:30AM

After Oracle founder Larry Ellison plunked $300 million to buy his own island, he described his plan to transform Lanai into a "sustainable Eden" as "this really cool 21st-century engineering project." Now, in classic Silicon Valley fashion, Ellison is running the tropical rebrand with the "veneer of egalitarianism," "buzzwords," questionable promises, and non-disclosure agreements, reports The New York Times Magazine.

Sam Biddle · 09/18/14 03:03PM

Recode reports noted yacht racing cheater Larry Ellison is leaving his day job.

Oracle CEO's Latest Ego-Stroke Is Absolutely Incredible

Sam Biddle · 05/03/13 09:03AM

Software billionaire Larry Ellison is rich. Jet-owning, fleet-cruising, bought an entire Hawaiian island rich. But there's been something missing in his aggrandizing oeuvre. Maybe an invite from Larry Ellison to the premiere of a movie about Larry Ellison called The Wind Gods will do the trick.