Nitasha Tiku · 11/06/14 07:55PM

Aereo, the once-promising startup that wanted to bring live TV to your laptop, is laying off "most of its staff." The company raised $97 million in financing to fight broadcasters like Fox, NBC, and Disney by exploiting a loophole in copyright law, but lost in the Supreme Court.

LivingSocial CEO Says He's Laying Off 20 Percent of Staff [Update]

Nitasha Tiku · 11/05/14 04:24PM

Update: The CEO sent an email (below) confirming the layoffs Thursday morning. A source tells Valleywag that LivingSocial just announced 20 percent layoffs at the company. The "online marketplace" for local deals raised $934.7 million in venture capital. Earlier this year the company invested heavily in recruiting for its Los Angeles office, but the source says that office will be closed. I reached out to LivingSocial to confirm the layoffs and will update when I hear back.

Microsoft Starting Biggest Layoffs in Company History

Sam Biddle · 07/17/14 09:02AM

In an agonizingly euphemistic memo to his company ("Starting to Evolve our Organization and Culture"), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says he's getting rid of 18,000 jobs at the struggling software mammoth. That's 14 percent of the entire company.

Fab Canned 81 Employees Today

Sam Biddle · 11/14/13 03:46PM

As expected, only more: has confirmed it just gave 81 employees (73 full-time, and eight temps) at the shopping site their three-month notice.

Big Layoffs Hit MySpace

Sam Biddle · 11/08/13 03:32PM

First as tragedy, then as farce: a tipster close to the company tells us the undead social network canned "massive number of people from their LA office today. Entire departments." A "New MySpace" rep hasn't confirmed the number, but the firings are real.

What's Happening at Layoff-Shaken Right Now

Sam Biddle · 10/04/13 11:36AM

Yesterday, trendy online furniture and bow tie warehouse Fab canned a full fifth of its company. Here's the (leaked) email sent to everyone who wasn't fired, detailing what the company will do the day after a bloodletting: