Tech Titans Lobby Hard So Privacy Law Won't Hurt Precious Wearables

Kevin Montgomery · 09/24/14 06:15PM

Apple may have only unveiled their long-awaited Watch a few weeks ago, but they're already pushing the government to make sure it isn't subjected to health privacy regulations. According to Politico, companies including Intel, Apple, and Fitbit are pouring millions into lobbying campaigns against regulating wearables like medical devices.

Kevin Montgomery · 07/29/14 02:15PM

Google just tied its all-time lobbying record, spending "$5.03 million on lobbying from April through June." Reportedly, Google lobbied Washington on issues ranging from "cybersecurity, patent reform, tax reform and immigration" to "autonomous vehicle technology."

Meet the Richest Hypocrite in Silicon Valley

Sam Biddle · 05/08/13 10:55AM

John Doerr is a White House advisor, prominent billionaire, and Silicon Valley household name—at least among yuppie Valley households who care. Six years ago, he famously stepped back and forth across a TED Talk stage cheerleading "green tech," warning of global environmental disaster, and breaking into tears at the prospect. Today, he's bankrolling Mark Zuckerberg's dirty fuel campaign. What the hell happened?