Delusional CEO Says Google Punishes Successful L.A. Companies

Kevin Montgomery · 06/16/14 06:50PM

Richard Rosenblatt shouldn't have much to complain about. The former MySpace CEO made a hefty fortune selling a few startups during the dotcom boom before co-founding Demand Media. But the tech titan still thinks Silicon Valley has punished him for living in Los Angeles.

L.A.'s Private Club for Techies Is Over Before It Began

Nitasha Tiku · 06/13/14 01:25PM

When we first heard L.A. had a members only club for techies like The Battery in San Francisco, we were stoked. More Bling Ring, less Social Network, fingers crossed. But during a visit in March, I was told not to bother sneaking in: "There weren't enough members to support the place."