Clinkle CEO's Statement On Apple Pay Reads Like a Eulogy

Nitasha Tiku · 09/09/14 07:15PM

One of the many gospels Apple delivered to tech bloggers today was Apple Pay. It's a magical sounding mobile payments system that will use near field communication (NFC) to let users pay for things in front of them through their phone. The magic might be lost on child CEO Lucas Duplan, who raised more than $30 million for Clinkle by telling venture capitalists he could do the same thing. He has not.

Clinkle Made a Pop Music Video About a Hackathon

Nitasha Tiku · 08/22/14 07:50PM

If coders are the new rockstars, then hackathons (marathon coding sessions to experiment with software) are a natural setting for a music video. A millennial CEO like Lucas Duplan gets that, which is the $30 million Stanford sob story is lifting its spirits through power of song.

Startup Gets Hacked, Revealing Child CEO Posing with Cash

Sam Biddle · 01/31/14 05:00AM

Clinkle was supposed to be the mobile payments app of the future, but so far, all it's been able to create is horrible headlines about itself and its hated 22-year-old founder. Like clockwork, Clinkle just got hacked, and revealed this endearing photo of Stanford star and CEO Lucas Duplan.

This 22-Year-Old Just Landed $25 Million for a Secret App

Sam Biddle · 06/27/13 10:42AM

Lucas Duplan dropped out of Stanford, brought a bunch of his buddies with him, and got to work on something daunting: creating an app that lets you pay for things with your phone. This is daunting because so many other things let you do it. Despite this, and the fact that his app is a total mystery, powerful VCs just handed him $25 million.