Salesforce Brags Conference "Will Completely Shut Down" San Francisco

Kevin Montgomery · 10/13/14 02:00PM

When it comes to throwing corporate bashes in San Francisco, Salesforce specializes in making life hell for locals. For their annual conference, Dreamforce, the company takes over swaths of SoMa, crippling transit systems and turning businesses across town into giant lines.

Marissa Mayer and Marc Benioff Mock Walmart Protestors

Sam Biddle · 11/20/13 10:45AM

Away from the beanbag-seated crowds and cloud software kiosks at Dreamforce 2013, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff sat down on a stage to praise on another. But the panegyric swap was rudely interrupted by labor protestors, calling out Mayer for her board position at Walmart. They responded in the most Silicon Valley way possible.