Huge Apple Fan Says Something Critical About Apple

Dan Lyons · 01/05/15 12:49PM

Marco Arment is well-known and well-regarded in Apple fanblogger circles. He's both a developer (he was CTO at Tumblr, and then created Instapaper) and a pundit whose articles often contain footnotes, just like David Foster Wallace. The main thing to know about passionate Apple bloggers and podcasters like Marco Arment is that Rule Number 1 is that you never say anything bad about Apple. That's why today the world of Apple lovers has been shaken to the core — because Marco Arment has violated the prime directive, and declared that Apple's software, well, kind of blows:

Nitasha Tiku · 05/29/13 04:16PM

There are first world problems and then there's the troubling "rich-person management gap" currently harshing one newly-minted tech millionaire's mellow. Break out the Stradivarius of tiny violins.

Moneybags Marco Arment Sells Another Thing

Sam Biddle · 05/29/13 11:15AM

You'll recall Tumblr alum Marco Arment from that time he reminded the internet that he's rich. Now, he's slightly richer, having sold his online fanzine—The Magazine—to its current editor. What exactly is The Magazine, you ask?

Sam Biddle · 04/25/13 05:14PM

Betaworks, that company that owns Digg now, just bought Instapaper, that app you use to read articles on the bus. This is exciting, because Betaworks has done a very nice job with Digg—but now Instapaper creator Marco Arment will have more time to tweet about his BMW.