How Apple Owns the Media

Sam Biddle · 09/04/14 01:13PM

In about a week, Apple will announce a new phone. This will become national news, and coverage of a piece of metal, plastic and glass will dwarf that of human suffering here and abroad. You've probably already read some exciting things about the iPhone 6, even though it doesn't technically exist yet, and is a "big secret." That's not an accident—Apple makes reporters do their advertising.

Not Even Lindsay Lohan Can Save a Terrible Idea

Sam Biddle · 12/27/13 11:15AM

Karaoke is fun because it's a group activity, usually involving a lot of beer and yelling loudly with your arms around others. Using your smartphone is the opposite of this, and yet, here is Just Sing It, a bad app with a celeb endorsement. In a rare victory for common sense, Just Sing It is already tanking.

Startups Are Just Lying About Spam Now

Sam Biddle · 07/25/13 11:59AM

Every app wants to be like Snapchat: it came out of nowhere, without much planning, and now devours attention spans across North America. It's also worth $800 million, mostly through word of mouth. Most companies can't copy this, but they'll sure lie about it.

Code Education Startup Will Scare You into Learning

Sam Biddle · 06/17/13 01:18PM

Codeacademy is a pretty neat idea: learning the basics of a programming language shouldn't be so intimidating, so let's break it down into friendly, digestible online segments. Cool. What's not so cool is using the threat of digital totalitarianism as a marketing ploy.