Startup Selling A Butler for $99/Month Wins TechCrunch Disrupt

Nitasha Tiku · 09/11/14 11:50AM

When your biannual business event has been satirized by Mike Judge, you need to level up, which is a casual phrase humans say to other humans. And, oh, what a level this year's TechCrunch Disrupt "Battlefield" showed us. Corruption! Hubris! Exploitation! Investment from Michael Arrington! Butlers! It truly had it all.

Mike Arrington and Peter Thiel Fought Over Uber Like Boys With Toys

Nitasha Tiku · 09/08/14 06:50PM

It's not easy being Michael Arrington. To kickoff TechCrunch Disrupt SF this morning, the Uber investor directed a fierce and poignant native ad for his CrunchFund investment Uber—right there on stage, in real-time. With Uber CEO Travis Kalanick by his side, it was a veritable duet of damage control! But then Lyft investor Peter Thiel had to spoil the cozy fireside mood by acting just like Arrington.

Mike Arrington Won't Shake Your Disgusting Hand

Sam Biddle · 04/03/14 11:16AM

Typically, you might worry about what would happen if Michael Arrington's hands were on you. But the TechCrunch founder and pugnacious VC is equally terrified of physical contact, creating a public germaphobe campaign that's now reached half a decade.

Mike Arrington Says Bryan Goldberg Is Kinda Fucked

Sam Biddle · 03/09/14 05:33PM

His name was already mud, but there are plenty of things worse than mud (poop, toxic waste, mud with spiders in it, etc.). Even Michael Arrington wouldn't touch Goldberg after The Bustle's latest bit of bad press:

Mike Arrington Blasts TechCrunch

Sam Biddle · 10/29/13 11:34AM

TechCrunch is wrapping up another Disrupt conference (this time in Berlin), and the man who started it all has some very public, very not-nice things to say about the website he created.

Michael Arrington: A Crooked Judge Since 2011

Sam Biddle · 09/13/13 02:15PM

In 2011, TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington was fired from his own website for reasons including flagrant conflicts of interest over his newly hatched VC firm, CrunchFund. But he never really left. For every year since his firing, Arrington's used the TechCrunch Disrupt conference to help his wallet.

Michael Arrington Gives Himself an Award

Sam Biddle · 09/12/13 08:56AM

Conflict of Interest 3.0: the winner of TechCrunch's vaunted Disrupt Battlefield startup competition is financially backed by TechCrunch's pugnacious founder, Michael Arrington—it is a matter of pure coincidence that Arrington judged the competition. How much longer are we going to take this seriously?

Michael Arrington Sues Jenn Allen Over Rape Claims

Sam Biddle · 05/08/13 03:24PM

After issuing an ultimatum to abuse-alleging ex Jenn Allen, TechCrunch founder and investor Michael Arrington is now trying to take her to federal court. In demand for trial filed just yesterday, Arrington's lawyers allege Allen tried to "smear [his] name on the internet" and "destroy his reputation."

CrunchFund: It's 'About Who You Know'

Nitasha Tiku · 05/07/13 05:54PM

After MG Siegler's announcement yesterday that the CrunchFund general partner was moving onto greener, more re$$$ourceful pastures at Google Ventures, questions about the future of the conflicted fund grew louder. But according to Dan Primack's crystal ball, detractors should put down their knives for now, thanks to the potential of good returns.