YouTube Cofounders Break Up the Band After Second Act Flops

Nitasha Tiku · 06/06/14 01:50PM

YouTube cofounders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are parting ways. The duo worked together for 15 years, starting at PayPal, then got $1.65 billion from Google. But faced a series of missteps at their incubator Avos Systems. Now Hurley is cutting his losses and focusing on just one Avos product, MixBit, and Chen is joining Google Ventures as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

YouTube Creator's New Baby Is Self-Destructing

Sam Biddle · 02/04/14 05:16PM

One success never guarantees another: Chad Hurley, who helped bring the world YouTube, is bombing once again. His video-sharing service MixBit is dead following legal threats by Kanye West, and the parent company, Avos, is firing almost everyone. Updated: