Not Complicated: Randi Says You Should Leave Work Every Day

Sam Biddle · 05/15/13 12:00PM

In this week's dispatch from the Randi Zuckerberg e-zine, the verbal equivalent of a plastic bag of chopped up coupons, we're getting some solid advice for the workplace: google your boss, and don't sleep at your desk instead of going home. We'll break it down for you.

Not Complicated: Randi Zuck Talks Moms, Friendship, and Birthdays

Sam Biddle · 05/08/13 12:30PM

Welcome to Not Complicated, where we break down Randi Zuckerberg's weekly try at cashing in on her last name. The literary newsletter can be a little too erudite, so we'll comprehend it so you don't have to. This week's highlight: "5 Moms To Check Out On Twitter." Don't miss these moms.