Kickstarter Decides You Don't Care About Money

Sam Biddle · 05/05/14 11:37AM

When Oculus Rift sold out to Facebook for $2 billion, some of us raised eyebrows. A huge Kickstarter crowd had given Oculus money in its early days, and now they were being left behind. Kickstarter has a reply for jilted supporters: "there are things that are more important than money." How kind!

​Which Is More Terrifying: Google or Facebook?

Sam Biddle · 03/26/14 03:05PM

Mark Zuckerberg's $2 billion buyout of Oculus Rift is just the latest step in Big Tech's creepy march from software to sci-fi: Google and Facebook have dumped billions into companies that have nothing to do with their original projects in search or social. Relentlessly, the two companies are pushing toward a dystopian future in which privacy is null and we wear social networks on our faces.

Nitasha Tiku · 03/25/14 05:46PM