PandoDaily's One Talented Writer Quits

Sam Biddle · 01/03/14 11:09AM

Hamish McKenszie, who provided the occasional sign of life in an otherwise algae-clogged editorial pro-corporate dead zone, has left PandoDaily for a PR gig at Tesla Motors, multiple sources tell me (and his LinkedIn confirms). Leaving Pando to join an actual startup—Sarah Lacy must be weeping with pride.

Sam Biddle · 11/25/13 10:40AM

TechCrunch alum Paul Carr's e-zine NSFW Corp has gone under, The Guardian reports. Carr says he will join longtime friend Sarah Lacy at her site, PandoDaily, which will also hire some of his staff.

Who Gave This Asshole $6.5 Million to Launch a Bro-Tastic Lady Site?

Sam Biddle · 08/14/13 10:20AM

Something beautiful happened yesterday: an otherwise fractious internet was drawn together in harmony, united in mutual contempt for a new website called Bustle. Bustle is the spawn of asinine media mastermind Bryan Goldberg—creator of the dudebro sports-spam boiler room Bleacher Report—who reached new depths explaining his amazing, unprecedented brainstorm: a website... for girls!

Sam Biddle · 05/06/13 09:11AM

How detached from reality is PandoDaily? When a middling company that makes no money is purchased by another company for $60 million, that deal is "underwhelming."

Sam Biddle · 04/24/13 10:04AM

PandoDaily urges you not to "give up on PCs yet," based on a PC-selling startup that's backed by a guy who also backs PandoDaily.

Sam Biddle · 04/22/13 12:21PM

A Kickstarter-style startup that lets you invest in the future wealth of other humans just received a $5.9 million investment from some already-rich humans. "The trick will be to attract investors," opines PandoDaily. I feel seasick.