Drunk Googlers Are the New Popular Kids

Sam Biddle · 03/10/14 03:33PM

Austin, TX — Strip away the pretension of the panels, and SXSW is pure leisure time. This rowdy crew swapped contraband wine bottles through the end of the night at one of this week's high budget parties, commanding the room, Google lanyards swinging. Now just think: soon every bar will look just like this.

Facebook's Summer Party: Better Than Yours

Sam Biddle · 08/08/13 05:00PM

Or at the very least, much larger, more expensive, and includes a petting zoo. Is that a guy in chain mail making giant bubbles? It's all happening right now, in a Californian parking lot, far, far away.

AirBnb Is Busing Reporters to The Hamptons for a Great Gatsby Party

Sam Biddle · 05/02/13 10:03AM

With fears of a tech bubble looming, what better tie-in for your company fête than... the period right before America's greatest financial disaster? Someone at AirBnb sure thinks so: mark your calendars for a boozy night on West Egg. This might be the most oblivious party in startup history.

Company You've Never Heard of Throws Insanely Expensive Party

Sam Biddle · 05/01/13 09:11AM

Last night's launch party for Gig-It, an online sim game that essentially swaps out FarmVille's crops for rappers, was music video lavish. It looked like its backers just listened to the radio for 30 minutes, said Hire them all!, and then smoked some blow out of a rolled up bitcoin. But what... is Gig-It?