Screwed By Square

Alex Shvartsman · 02/11/14 02:15PM

This is a guest post by game designer and writer Alex Shvartsman originally published on his blog: In addition to making the small bucks as a science fiction writer, I have a day job. I run a game store which hosts events and serves the local community here in Brooklyn, but also sells games and collectibles online and at shows/conventions.

Nitasha Tiku · 01/29/14 11:40AM

The harrowing tale of how Twitter user @n lost his one-letter handle, worth $50,000. Spoiler alert: think twice about letting PayPal and GoDaddy store your credit card info.

Why Is PayPal Taking Randi Zuckerberg Seriously?

Sam Biddle · 11/19/13 12:46PM

Mark Zuckerberg's sister, literary patriot and media titan, owes every ounce of her non-career to her surname—and the cosmos keeps smiling upon her. PayPal, an otherwise serious and respectable corporation, has forged an unholy promotional bond with Randi—and that's bad for everyone except Randi.

Leaked Emails Show How Palantir Founder Recruits for Global Domination

Nitasha Tiku · 10/17/13 11:15AM

The world-changing aspirations of Twitter and Facebook are a drop in the bucket, a single bloom in an Arab Spring, compared to what former Palantir cofounder Joe Lonsdale wants to do with Formation 8, a venture capital firm that raised $448 million to modernize and disrupt all of Asia's power centers, basically. The leaked emails (below) show how Lonsdale intends to recruit engineers to his cause: by making them “feel special because they think they've been identified by technology [i.e. Palantir] that helped locate bin Laden.”

PayPal: Screw It, We're Gonna Make Money for Spaceships

Sam Biddle · 06/28/13 11:29AM

PayPal is used by almost 130 million people, generates a lot of revenue, and made its backers very, very wealthy. It's a model company. But, that's apparently not enough, and PayPal just announced it will create a way for astronauts to buy things, in space. OK.