Waves of Spam Are Infiltrating Snapchat

Nitasha Tiku · 01/13/14 12:00PM

Those private ephemeral ads for losing pounds and enhancing penis size you see above appeared in my Snapchat feed yesterday, along with a handful of new "friends" in my contacts. I'm not the only one being inundated by spam.

Sam Biddle · 01/09/14 10:27AM

Over a week after fucking up your privacy, Snapchat says it's "sorry" for a security hole that put your phone number in the open. All it took was universal umbrage!

Nitasha Tiku · 01/02/14 06:48PM

Snapchat issued a statement about the security breach that exposed 4.6 million accounts. The company promised better privacy protection with the next update, but apparently brogramming means never having to say you're sorry.

Zuckerberg Wants Your Kid's Student Data

Sam Biddle · 11/27/13 02:38PM—a tech non-profit backed by Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and other top brass—wants to improve computer science education for young women and minorities. And hey, that's great. But it wouldn't be a Zuck joint without something insidious: the group will hold private data about kids for years.

Google Engineers to NSA: "Fuck these guys"

Sam Biddle · 11/06/13 12:18PM

Just because large, important chunks of Silicon Valley will play ball with American spies, doesn't mean all the underlings are game. Two security engineers at the company that runs your email inbox are speaking out, and they are using bad words.

Snapchat Opens Pictures for Cops

Sam Biddle · 10/14/13 04:25PM

We knew Snapchat had policies in place for handing over "disposable" messages to the police—and now the company admits it's done so on "about a dozen" occasions.

Facebook Releases First Global Government Spying Report

Sam Biddle · 08/27/13 12:26PM

Zuck promised more details on how much of your online life Facebook hands over to the government, and he's starting to deliver. Bonus: we're not just getting The Government, but dozens of governments around the world. Guess who Facebook is working with the most?

Tumblr: Oops, We Might Have Blown Your Password

Sam Biddle · 07/17/13 11:03AM

If you use an iPhone or iPad to cruise Tumblr, change your login ASAP: the company just admitted a serious flaw in its iOS apps makes it easy for someone to steal your password out of thin air.