Rap Genius Co-Founder Finally Pushes Venture Capitalist Over the Edge

Kevin Montgomery · 11/17/14 09:30PM

Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam is a testament to just how far you can push a venture capitalist. The Yale graduate is one of tech's foremost delusional fools—repeatedly embarrassing himself, his company, and everyone connected with it. He eventually resigned from the startup after publicly praising parts of a serial killer's manifesto. Yet it took a post about thieving from Whole Foods for one of his investors to finally disown him.

Rap Genius Squashes Beef with NMPA

Sam Biddle · 05/06/14 11:05AM

Last November, it looked like unlicensed lyrics on Rap Genius—a website that's based on lyrics—could lead to a serious legal battle between the startup and the National Music Publishers' Association. But co-founder Ilan Zechory tells me they've made peace.

Sam Biddle · 01/02/14 10:10AM

After being basically kicked off of the internet by Google, Andreessen Horowitz's $15 million golden child, is as popular in the new year as it was in the summer of 2011.

Is Rap Genius Fucked?

Sam Biddle · 12/26/13 03:20PM

"We effed up," lyrics annotation supersite Rap Genius admitted this week after its SEO cheating was revealed. They sure did. And there's good reason to believe this isn't just a gaffe for the cartoonish startup posse: a Google eff up could haunt them forever—but no one search should have all that power.

Rap Genius Incites Unsolicited Startup Beef Over Sexiest Tech Bros

Nitasha Tiku · 11/12/13 05:05PM

There are certain risks any reporter exposes herself to by agreeing to interview the cofounders of Rap Genius. Once you've crossed the wobbly line of crushed up Vyvanse into their Williamsburg offices, there's no going back. There they are on your gChat, up in your Snapchat, sending invitations to events that possibly only occur in the trippy Playa of their minds.

Rap Genius: "I'mma rape you in your mouth"

Sam Biddle · 08/21/13 10:01AM

The Yale-educated dude trio that runs Rap Genius, a website dedicated to deciphering hip-hop for white people, gets a lot of mileage out of not being taken seriously. Their group goofiness is brilliant, letting them dodge any and all criticism in a self-serious field. Until Rap Genius threatens mouth rape on Twitter.