Twitter Engineer Dana McCallum Pled Guilty to Two Misdemeanors

Nitasha Tiku · 10/07/14 12:30PM

At a hearing in San Francisco Superior Court this morning, Dana McCallum, a Twitter engineer and prominent women's rights and LGBT activist, accepted a guilty plea for two misdemeanors related to the alleged rape of her wife. McCallum, who is a transgender woman, was initially charged with five felonies for the alleged incident, which occurred in January.

Rap Genius: "I'mma rape you in your mouth"

Sam Biddle · 08/21/13 10:01AM

The Yale-educated dude trio that runs Rap Genius, a website dedicated to deciphering hip-hop for white people, gets a lot of mileage out of not being taken seriously. Their group goofiness is brilliant, letting them dodge any and all criticism in a self-serious field. Until Rap Genius threatens mouth rape on Twitter.

Facebook Didn't Actually Ban Rape Jokes

Sam Biddle · 05/29/13 10:32AM

An eensy internet furor spiked yesterday when Women, Action & The Media slammed Facebook for censoring certain hate speech while overlooking pretty awful jokes about rape. Facebook replied with a mea culpa and a mention of overhauling its content guidelines. But it hasn't fixed anything yet.