Startup Exploits Evictions to Create Party Pad for Tech Workers

Kevin Montgomery · 11/13/14 03:15PM

Single-room-occupancy hotels are some of the last scraps of low-income housing left in San Francisco. But for the city's high-tech strata, they're just another piece of property to flip for profit. And one tech-centric housing company stands accused of using unlawful evictions to turn a SoMa SRO into a gaudy co-op for dozens of tech workers.

Kevin Montgomery · 10/17/14 01:05PM

Bay Area rents keep climbing thanks to the tech boom. According to the Contra Costa Times, rental costs across the region have hit a new record: "Bay Area apartment rents have jumped 11.4 percent from last year to an average of $2,234 a month."

Kevin Montgomery · 08/19/14 11:25AM

The tech boom has already pushed up office rents in San Francisco 81 percent in four years, causing rents to approach levels last seen during the dot-com bubble. Now analysts are predicting the city's office rents will surpass Manhattan's "by the end of 2015."

Nitasha Tiku · 03/18/14 01:00PM

Airbnb has been a blessing in disguise for San Francisco landlords itching to evict their tenants. The Chronicle says three-day eviction notices for Airbnb use are on the rise. Other landlords claim illegal Airbnb activity to skip the 72-hour "cure or quit" period.

New York's Office Space Nightmare Buys Man a $10 Million House

Sam Biddle · 01/20/14 11:33AM

Unless you have a lot of money, it's often impossible to find a suitable spot for your business in New York, with office lease prices through the roof—and if you're a cash-strapped startup, well, don't bother getting out of bed. Shared offices are increasingly the norm, and it's a good business to be in.

Marissa Mayer Just Bought a Funeral Home (?)

Sam Biddle · 10/30/13 10:58AM

She wasn't just going to let Mark Zuckerberg be the only one swallowing up adjacent property, was she? She's been in Vogue, don't you know,and if she wants to spend $11.2 million on a Palo Alto mortuary a block away from her house, then God bless her.