Snapchat First Pitched as a Sorority Girl Toy

Sam Biddle · 08/12/13 04:50PM

From the ongoing legal saga of fraternal business treachery, we receive this relic: a draft of Snapchat's (née Picaboo) first ever press release in July, 2011. Maybe this is how Stanford startup dudes think girls talk—"Let him choose that hot new outfit!"

How To Screw a Friend Out of an $800 Million Idea

Sam Biddle · 08/05/13 01:19PM

There are some forces so powerful, not even the wrought iron bonds of frat friendship can withstand them. Money is one—and so the fun-loving young dudes who made Snapchat are at each other's throats in court. Here's where it started to go bad.

Snapchat Had the Frattiest Creation in Startup History

Sam Biddle · 07/10/13 01:30PM

The Brogrammer is a mostly mythological figure, a nine-headed scapegoat. But there are, of course, programmers who also happen to be massive bros. For instance, the dudes who founded mega-valuable Snapchat. When you call yourself a "certified bro" in an email to the opposite sex, then yes, you probably are. Let's read their emails and texts.