Kevin Montgomery · 08/22/14 09:57AM

Be wary of what you post to Secret: A hacker detailed to Wired a new way to read any individual's secrets. What's more? There have been 42 security vulnerabilities on the gossip platform discovered by the public in the past six months.

Kevin Montgomery · 08/20/14 01:40PM

Secret's flimsy anti-bullying system wasn't adequate enough to keep the app from being banned in Brazil. A court ruled that Secret violated the country's constitutional ban on anonymity, and has ordered Google and Apple to remove the gossip platform from their app stores.

Nitasha Tiku · 06/11/14 04:20PM

If you float the theory that "younger users don't like the feeling of being alone. They want to be tethered to their friends constantly," important venture capitalists will invest in your app. It doesn't even need to solve that problem.

Nitasha Tiku · 03/31/14 04:18PM

Snapchat investor Bill Gurley thinks anonymous apps like Secret and Whisper are just a fad, telling Business Insider: "I think it's going to be really hard to monetize."

Secret Revenge: Marc Andreessen Smeared App After It Rejected Him

Sam Biddle · 03/28/14 03:10PM

Worrying about the ethics of venture capitalists is a lot like testing the acoustics of outer space. But you'd think the moneyed white men of Silicon Valley would act with a little class when they get turned down—it's just business, right? Not this time.

Sam Biddle · 03/21/14 01:37PM

Recode reports a Twitter engineer, Sara Haider, is ditching the company for Secret, the secret-sharing phenom app. This is great news for the latter, bad news for the former, and lovely news for anyone excited to share more anonymous gems.

Sam Biddle · 03/14/14 12:25PM

Gossiping is good business: Secret, the anonymous chatter app du jour, just raised $8.6 million in venture funding. Investors are betting folks outside the tech corridors of California and New York—like the busted Twitter employee above—will be hooked next.

Silicon Valley Can't Stop Shit-Talking Itself on This New App

Sam Biddle · 02/06/14 11:54AM

Posting secrets anonymously is an old idea on the internet, but Secret is special for one reason: so far it's completely taken over by gossiping techies, early adopters with lots of bile to unload. It's part therapy, part confession, part defamation, and it's a lot of fun to eavesdrop.