The Startup Crowd Is Becoming an Actual Cult

Sam Biddle · 07/29/13 12:22PM

When the Valley vanguard talks about itself as special, separate, and generally better than anyone not involved in a tech company, it's usually rhetoric. At least it used to be. Tech people with money are creating a new fantasy land, a mountaintop gathering called Summit Outside. Welcome to camp.

Pricks on a Slope: Summit Series Buys Whole Mountain for $40 Million

Nitasha Tiku · 05/07/13 09:33AM

You might say Summit Series, a bespoke conference of "epic events" for the one percent, has been employing a freemium strategy. Back in 2008, 20-something CEO Elliott Bisnow started by footing the bill for young entrepreneurs like Zappos' Tony Hsieh (fresh off a round of layoffs), Path's Dave Morin, and Facebook's Joe Green (Zuck's former roommate and now lobbyist-in-chief) to frolic in Cancun in the midst of a recession.