Ed Snowden, You Wasted Your Time at SXSW

Sam Biddle · 03/13/14 02:20PM

To recruit jihadis, you don't go to the Mall of America. Anyone who thinks a marketing conference is the right place for a pro-privacy speech is equally delusional.

Drunk Googlers Are the New Popular Kids

Sam Biddle · 03/10/14 03:33PM

Austin, TX — Strip away the pretension of the panels, and SXSW is pure leisure time. This rowdy crew swapped contraband wine bottles through the end of the night at one of this week's high budget parties, commanding the room, Google lanyards swinging. Now just think: soon every bar will look just like this.

Ben Horowitz Is Desperate for You to Think He's Cool

Sam Biddle · 03/09/14 05:50PM

Austin, TX — Today, after weeks of media aggrandizement, millionaire tech investor Ben Horowitz sat down on a stage in Austin with the rapper Nas and made a large room uncomfortable.

SXSW In One Photo: Shingy on a Wrecking Ball

Sam Biddle · 03/09/14 05:06PM

Austin, TX — All the brands are here, and form a chorus of undignified pleas for your attention. But why are they bothering? Nothing will beat AOL's race to the bottom like Digital Prophet and escaped muppet David Shing, wobbling on a branded wrecking ball.