Teens Are Literally Crawling on the Floor For the New Snapchat

Nitasha Tiku · 05/02/14 10:15AM

The level of interest app-makers can command for adding new features is usually limited to a dutiful parroting of the press release on tech blogs. Maybe a mass privacy freakout, if you're lucky. (Sucks, but at least you know they care!) The bros at Snapchat, however, have lived a pretty blessed life.

Is Mark Zuckerberg Too Old to Run Facebook?

Nitasha Tiku · 04/16/14 10:50AM

The fable of the dropout prodigy is so widely-told in Silicon Valley that it even came back to bite the enfant terrible who inspired it. In a new Q&A in the New York Times, Farhad Manjoo asks 29-year-old Mark Zuckerberg if he's out of touch with teens.