Sam Biddle · 04/22/14 09:59AM

HBO's Silicon Valley has been renewed for a second season, Variety reports.

Silicon Valley Deserves Silicon Valley

Sam Biddle · 04/02/14 02:00PM

Until now, no one adequately embarrassed Silicon Valley on TV. All prior attempts either embarrassed themselves, or fell just short. But Silicon Valley, Mike Judge's HBO foray into the sociopathic pit of Northern California's tech scene is beyond adequate: It gives the fuckers the graceful slap across the face they need.

The Ellen Selfie Was TV's Victory, Not Twitter's

Sam Biddle · 03/03/14 04:36PM

It's 2014 and Twitter isn't a profitable company—but did you see how many retweets Ellen got last night? The Hollywood selfie seems like a giant business coup for ad-reliant Twitter, but it says more about the power of a century-old technology than anything else.

The Full "Silicon Valley" HBO Trailer Is Here (And It's Awesome)

Sam Biddle · 02/24/14 10:45AM

"You remind me of my son. He's got Asperger's too." It looks like Mike Judge has another fine piece of bleak capitalist dramedy prepared for the show's premiere on April 6th. What could be better than "Office Space" in 2014?