Nitasha Tiku · 07/17/14 03:00PM

The best minds of our generation have graduated from "thinking about how to make people click ads" to thinking about how to make people click "the buy button." Facebook is letting small and mid-sized companies test it for free, but we know how that ends.

Kevin Montgomery · 07/01/14 12:37PM

Twitter's CFO has stepped down and been replaced by former Goldman Sachs banker Anthony Noto. Noto recently helped take Twitter public, but was branded "Anthony No Dough, Anthony Don't Know" during the dot-com bubble by ignoring financial data and hyping disasters eToys and Webvan.

Nitasha Tiku · 06/24/14 02:10PM

Twitter says it did not block accounts from Ukrainian national groups, denying claims by Russian officials trying to shut down content they consider extremist. Rather, Twitter says it instructed officials on how to report illegal content, part of its strategy for dealing with oppressive governments.

Deep Thoughts with Marc Andreessen: The Poor Have It Pretty Good!

Sam Biddle · 06/04/14 03:59PM

There's a reason why Marc Andreessen is an esteemed venture capitalist, and you're not. Consider the savvy of his investments, the impossible sheen of his dome, the wisdom of his tweets—and, despite apparently having never read a book, just this morning he summarized human progress in just 17 parts.

Muni Keeps the Twitterbus Rolling Despite Crippling Sickout

Kevin Montgomery · 06/02/14 03:37PM

While most San Franciscans are struggling to get to and from work today following Muni's sickout, which left approximately 67% of city's buses parked in the yard, a line built explicitly to serve the Mid-Market tech corridor where Twitter's headquarters are located was up and running all morning.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/27/14 09:24AM

Twitter's new growth strategy is Facebook's old one: developing countries. eMarketer says Twitter will grow fastest this year in Indonesia, India, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil. Good thing since eMarketer also said Twitter's internal monthly active user count was off by 60 million.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/20/14 12:45PM

Business Insider editor Jim Edwards found a way to disrupt disclosures: buying $1,000 of Twitter stock. "I found that owning stock made me much more sensitive to news about the companies and what was going on inside them."

The Week's Best Tech Gossip Has Been On This New Anonymous App

Nitasha Tiku · 05/16/14 02:13PM

Last week I downloaded Tentwenty, a newly launched local message board that displays text and photos from anonymous users according to where they are in real time. Scrolling through my sparse feed at home in Brooklyn, I noticed that initial users weren't from the expected tech set, as well as a puzzling number of posts from Tenafly, New Jersey (not traditionally considered an early adopter mecca).

Ex-Twitter Employees Freaking Out Because They Can't Sell Their Stock

Nitasha Tiku · 05/06/14 02:42PM

Twitter's stock is currently plummeting down almost 17 percent, but it could have been even worse. The lockup period expired yesterday, prompting fears of a crash should employees and investors decide to sell their stock. But former Twitter employees complained earlier today that they were blocked from cashing out.