Mashable Alum's VC Fund for Celebrities Is a Total Dud

Sam Biddle · 09/24/13 12:15PM

When you name your investment vehicle #DominateFund (with an actual hashtag!), you're inviting the wrath of the gods, and an ironic end. Sure enough the pet project of Mashable's former editor at large Ben Parr is striking out.

Path Might Somehow Be Worth One Billion Dollars

Sam Biddle · 06/14/13 02:15PM

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a company that makes virtually no money at all might get a massive, billion dollar price tag out of thin air (but at least people use Tumblr!). According to TechCrunch tipsters, the small and shady social network's spam blitz might've worked.

The Obnoxious Email Auto-Replies of a Super VC

Sam Biddle · 04/22/13 10:49AM

Successful mega-investor Dave McClure is all about quantity over quality, and he's not ashamed: his fund is called 500 Startups, after all. But if you want to be part of this moneyed crowd, you'll have to get past the worst email wall I've ever seen.