Vulture Capitalist: Avoid That Box IPO! 

Dan Lyons · 01/23/15 06:46AM

My friend the Vulture is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. He recently wrote a piece for us and I've been hoping he would do another one. I asked him what he thought of the Box IPO, which is taking place today. Shares last night priced at $14 per share, which will imply a valuation of $1.7 billion for Box — which last July raised a private round at $2.4 billion. Meaning: Box is limping into the public markets. But maybe, at this price, Box is a steal? Vulture doesn't think so. In fact he was brutal — especially about the VCs who are foisting this lump of coal onto the public while also setting up a sweetheart deal for themselves.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/07/14 05:05PM

The founder of NastyGal, the online retailer, has a new book out called #Girlboss. One reason to forgive the hashtag? This story about an investor who left her a voicemail while he was "messed up on Percocet and Jack Daniels." His words.