Why Are Sheryl Sandberg's DC Meetings Secret?

Sam Biddle · 10/16/13 10:26AM

The next stop on Sheryl Sandberg's Sheryl Sandberg Publicity Tour: our shuttered nation's capital, where the shutdown means government officials are happy to meet you, but unable to explain to anyone why.

Uber CEO on Driver "Assault": It's Not Real and We're Not Responsible

Nitasha Tiku · 09/16/13 10:32AM

Late Saturday night, Bridget Todd, a writer, activist, and former lecturer at Howard University, tweeted at taxi dispatch startup Uber that she'd been choked by the driver she'd ordered on Uber's smartphone app—apparently because he was angry at her interracial relationship. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's response, in an emailed warning to his PR team: "make sure these writers don't come away thinking we are responsible when these things do go bad…"