Nitasha Tiku · 06/02/14 12:50PM

Facebook may not like its corrosive effect on the types of news that gets shared online, but its influence is growing stronger. WhatsApp, its $19 billion messaging miracle, already sends more traffic to USA Today's sports blog than Twitter.

Is Mark Zuckerberg Too Old to Run Facebook?

Nitasha Tiku · 04/16/14 10:50AM

The fable of the dropout prodigy is so widely-told in Silicon Valley that it even came back to bite the enfant terrible who inspired it. In a new Q&A in the New York Times, Farhad Manjoo asks 29-year-old Mark Zuckerberg if he's out of touch with teens.

Sam Biddle · 03/24/14 11:06AM

So, it's settled: Silicon Valley has the worst roadside billboards in the Western Hemisphere. [Photo via Sara Mauskopf]

Nitasha Tiku · 03/11/14 12:49PM

Bas Bosschert, the CTO of Double Think, claims that hackers can access your WhatsApp database using any Android app, even after today's update. "Facebook didn't need to buy WhatsApp to read your chats," he concludes.

Privacy Watchdog: Don't Trust Facebook with WhatsApp

Sam Biddle · 03/07/14 03:33PM

The corporate narrative around WhatsApp's obscurity-to-billions story centers around values. The company's founders, we're told, respect our privacy above all else—except $19 billion dollars from a company no one trusts to respect our privacy. Now one group is asking for government intervention.

Nitasha Tiku · 03/07/14 03:22PM

On stage at SXSW, Wired's Steven Levy asked Eric Schmidt whether companies like WhatsApp lead to more inequality. Here's Schmidt's response: "Let us celebrate capitalism," he said, opening his arms. "$19 billion for 50 people? Good for them."

A Tiny Group Will Become Hugely Rich from Facebook Money

Sam Biddle · 02/20/14 05:59PM

The three guys up there—the co-founders of WhatsApp and their investor—just made billions and billions of dollars. The photo was taken right after they sealed the deal. Smile! But even the people without any power at the company will walk away with possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.