Ex-Googler Is Now the White House's Top Techie

Sam Biddle · 09/04/14 10:57AM

Megan Smith, formerly of Google's shadowy "X" facility, is the new Chief Technology Officer of the United States, tasked with maintaining a technological edge for the entire country.

Sam Biddle · 06/10/14 03:31PM

Yahoo! exec David Karp and the President of the United States are currently running a Q&A session about issues that affect American youths—because, like everyone always said, Tumblr is where the teens are. And hey, they both love drones.

Sam Biddle · 12/17/13 01:43PM

President Barack Obama just wrapped up a meeting with some of Silicon Valley's brassiest brass. Marissa and Sheryl got very good seats. [Photo: Getty]