Winklevoss-Backed Bitcoin Startup CEO Busted by Feds

Sam Biddle · 01/27/14 11:32AM

If there's anything the Winklevoss ubermenschen love more than Harvard and revenge, it's Bitcoin, everyone's favorite speculative funny money. They've been investing in Bitcoin-related startups, and it's already going south: one of their CEOs just got arrested at the airport.

Burning Man: Where Facebook Millionaires and Billionaires Hug It Out

Sam Biddle · 09/05/13 05:30PM

You might think Burning Man is a silly, dust-caked hallucinogen playground for people who should never be naked. You'd be right. But it's more than that: Burning Man 2013 proved to be a place for reconciliation between the Winklevii and the co-founder of Facebook.