Women In VC: Still No Progress

Dan Lyons · 01/30/15 09:49AM

A year ago, Fortune did a survey of VC (venture capital) firms to find out how many "decision makers" were female, and the number was tiny — a mere 4.2 percent. But one year later, things must be better, right? Nope. This year's study shows things are almost exactly the same.

Women Won't Name Harassing Venture Capitalists, Even Anonymously

Nitasha Tiku · 08/08/14 03:30PM

In the past couple weeks both Forbes and Wired have published first-hand accounts of the perils of "fundraising while female." The anecdotes about harassment, discrimination, and the hassle of disproving an investor's assumptions about gender are familiar. But you won't find the name of single male venture capitalist who made these women feel compromised, harassed, belittled, or duped.

Watch a Dirty Old Greek Man Make Marissa Mayer Very Uncomfortable

Sam Biddle · 06/25/13 01:41PM

Greek tech investor and self-described filthy senior citizen George Polis is angry about dividends! But first, he'd like to tell you, and all Yahoo present shareholders, that he's attracted to the company's CEO. Yep, this was just as gross to listen to as we thought it'd be.