​Brit Morin's DIY2k13: A Look Back at Making Magic

Not Brit Morin · 12/31/13 10:32AM

Dear Diary/God/All Y'all Makers out there. PHEW. What a year! It has been full of blessings, Washi tape, pretzels with googly eyes on them, Velcro™, 3D printed spheres (put 'em on a bowl!) and doilies used for various things the Lord did not intend them for. But we reached the end, and have so much to be grateful for, so let's peep all the memories we "made" together. ;)

The Year in Completely Incoherent TechCrunch Headlines

Sam Biddle · 12/26/13 11:24AM

It's been a banner year for Silicon Valley's blog of record—investor cash is flowing, and incomprehensible gibberish companies are flourishing. As are incomprehensible gibberish articles about them.

The Biggest Dick Moves of Silicon Valley 2013

Sam Biddle and Nitasha Tiku · 12/23/13 03:20PM

Although we try to focus on the positive, innovative—and dare we say revolutionary?—moments in tech here at Valleywag, the startup world isn't without its occasional bad eggs. It's a shame this crowd had to tarnish an otherwise lovely community—here are the worst bad actors of an otherwise golden year.