Nitasha Tiku · 04/23/14 03:32PM

Former CEO Mark Pincus just stepped down from all his operational duties at Zynga, which went public at $10/share and is now trading at $4.60. "Ultimately a ship is better with one captain," he said. Especially if that captain chucked so many sailors overboard.

FarmVille Suing Bang With Friends

Sam Biddle · 07/31/13 09:21AM

Zynga, the failing company behind games you used to play like Draw Something and Words With Friends, is getting desperate as it falters: Bloomberg reports the firm is taking silly sex app Bang With Friends to court for trademark infringement.

Zynga Continues To Eat It

Sam Biddle · 07/25/13 05:18PM

The FarmVille dust bowl continues. Today the company announced that the number of people playing its games is rapidly shrinking: "Daily active users were...down to 39 million from 72 million a year ago, and monthly uniques declined to 123 million from 193 million," says Kara Swisher.

Zynga's "Walking Dead" Must Train Their Replacements or Lose Severance

Sam Biddle · 06/05/13 03:47PM

The east coast presence of Zynga, that once-proud and mighty maker of tractor simulators, has been decimated—but it looks like it's not completely gone. Yet. A skeleton crew of doomed software refugees is sticking around Zynga's Manhattan turf, given the terrible "choice" between staying on longer or forfeiting their full termination packages.


Sam Biddle · 06/04/13 08:43AM

Zynga's gargantuan purchase of OMGPOP, that company that made briefly mega-popular Draw Something, will now be an icon of tech collapse. Only slightly over a year after impulse-spending $200 million on the small company, Zynga is killing it.

Here's Everyone Who Hyped Zynga Before It Shit the Bed

Sam Biddle · 06/03/13 04:18PM

It's easy to mock Zynga right now as it starts to grip its stomach and collapse—but where were the skeptics before the IPO boom and bust? Too busy heaping praise on a company that sold virtual hay bales on Facebook—and it sure looks bad in retrospect.

Zynga's Corporate Death Wish Now Manifesting Itself Literally

Sam Biddle · 05/10/13 05:00PM

It can't be easy to work at Zynga, a fallen star whose games are out outmoded and share price is slipping. I guess one day you wake up and just decide, Fuck it, today will be the day I organized a footrace through NYC traffic.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/06/13 10:40AM

As part of Zynga's new "austerity," the company is fixating on its Farmville franchise. "It could be the Seinfeld of our era in gaming, a multi-season show that has a quality and a consistency that you can rely on," said Mark Pincus. That, or show about nothing that ended horribly.

Zynga Is Clearly Paying Celebs to Pretend to Like Draw Something 2

Sam Biddle · 04/26/13 11:03AM

Zynga, cruising on the highway to BrokeVille, is banking on its newest ripoff of Pictionary to be as wildly popular as the first one. Banking so heavily, in fact, that the company is just shamelessly getting famous people to feign interest on Twitter. Ryan Seacrest: diehard iPhone artist.

Zynga Hemorrhaging Users Like a Shotgun Wound

Sam Biddle · 04/24/13 03:52PM

Earnings numbers are in for Facebook playground Zynga, and holy cow, they're profitable even post-IPO disaster. But under the surface, they're dying. Quickly. People are fleeing FarmVille by the millions.