Not much to do with this one other than shake your head, wipe away a tear, and look into the distance, face blank. Sparkpr, which manages top tech accounts like Vevo, Rdio, and Dropcam, is having a 90s theme party, focused around one of the most disastrous aspects of the entire decade.

If this weren't a PR firm at work, you might think it were perhaps brilliantly self-aware—almost performance art. But it's not. It's just horribly out of touch marketing, akin to a realtor arranging a subprime BBQ. People will likely attend, gleefully. "Isn't this silly?"

It's that time of year again!

Sparkpr is hosting its Annual Media Party to celebrate another industrious year of technology in the Silicon Valley. This year, we're taking a nostalgic look back into the dotcom bubble.

Guests will revel in the cultural mecca that defined the Internet boom, while enjoying a wide variety of cocktails & nibbles and gettin' jiggy to their favorite 90s jams.

Coincidentally, Sparkpr turns 15 this year! So, save the date & let’s party like it’s 1998.

A nostalgic look at the dotcom bubble.


A nostalgic look at the dotcom bubble.

A nostalgic look at the dotcom bubble.


A nostalgic look at the dotcom bubble, in the very midst of a new bubble. OK. Get jiggy, drink some theme cocktails, close your eyes, and feel the MDMA head-rush of a collapsed economy. Those were the days.

A nostalgic look at the dotcom bubble. RSVP here.