Here's an idea: if you are a tech CEO who was once hit with over 160 misdemeanor charges for planning booze-filled parties for high schoolers, maybe your startup shouldn't offer to ship devil water to strangers.

According to WunWun's recent email blast, Lee Hnetinka's current company is promising to "take your alcohol experience to the next level." How? By doing people's liquor shopping for them and promising delivery in under an hour:

People have been drinking pretty much as long as there's been people. We've refined it a bit, sure... nowadays it doesn't make anybody go blind and comes in nice bottles.

And now, Wunwun's about to shake up the world of alcohol again (yes, a cocktail pun). We're here to take your alcohol experience to the next level—Not even having to buy the stuff yourself. We'll make that run to the local liquor store, pick up your preferred bourbon/vodka/rum/moonshine, and bring it right to you. You just have to handle the drinking (responsibly).

So you want free, fast delivery of all of your weekend liquid needs? Here you go.

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