As anyone who scrolled through Secret knows, California's polyamorous roots are alive and licking with the early adopter set. Naturally, someone had find way to scale that, and who better than William Winters, "the de facto king of the East Bay polyamory scene"? (Updated)

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Winters, a regular user, and Kotango co-founder Polly Superstar are trying to broaden the poly user base:

... as interest in open relationships grows, so too does a need to reach a larger, more diverse and perhaps even more vanilla crowd.

Kotango, a new social network for those who asrcibe (or aspire) to something other than monogamy, intends to do exactly that.

Imagine it as something like a kinky mashup of Facebook, OkCupid and Reddit, a place for the sexually venturesome to connect, cruise for dates and seek out advice.

Or, in the words of Polly "Superstar" Whittaker, a co-founder of the site and leader of San Francisco's varied sex scene, it's "kind of social networking for kinky hot nerds."

Her description makes Kotango sound like FetLife, a social networking site that's been around since 2008, and the site's homepage looks about as dated. But this new iteration was launched with the evangelizing agenda so popular with world-changers these days:

"We wanted a safe place for people to meet, connect and share stories," said local IT bigwig Andrew, the brains behind the site (he asked to go by first name only, as his kids aren't aware that he and his wife have an open relationship).

As the polyamory community grows, he said, it needed a "gateway," something more approachable than sex parties or dinner with a room of open-minded strangers.

If the Bay Area is going to build me-too products that mainly service their own needs, at least this one has some sex appeal?

Update: This post previously identified Winters as a co-founder of Kotango. He is in fact just a regular user, not a co-founder.

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