Legendary rapper Ben Horowitz has a new book of platitudes out, and everyone is scrambling to buy their own copy—sometimes in print! But what do the critics say?

Failing businesswoman Sarah Lacy calls it "The most valuable book on startup management hands down." Wow! Read it, and you too will be able to secure fundraising from investors in Tennessee.

Then, we have Businessweek's Diane Brady, who just posted a wonderfully concise review, harkening back to the time when book criticism was allowed to be critical: "In Horowitz's Silicon Valley Tell-All, a Woman's Place Is Strictly Hypothetical."

Horowitz's persistent use of "she" comes off as social satire in a world with so few actual women. ... In the first 90 percent of the book, I counted three females: a human resource staffer, a woman whose husband ran NetLabs, and Horowitz's wife Felicia, a woman with "award-winning green eyes" whose focus seems to be family and her husband's success.

Why spend money on Horowitz's book when you can get this wisdom for free?

Top image via embarrassing Bloomberg television segment