Warm up the Reddit bus: ESPN reports the Beef O'Brady's Bowl now has a somehow even lamer corporate namesake, courtesy of the most exciting cyber-currency around. Football and Bitcoin, the two most volatile American activities, together at last.

It's unclear how exactly Bitpay, which paid for the three-year sponsorship, will explain the meaning of "Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl" to a large crowd of football fans on December 26th. On the other hand, who cares—advertising is advertising, and it will likely distract potential customers from Bitpay CEO Tony Gallippi's shady past. Bitcoin, Bitcoin. Drink a Bitcoin Lite. Bitcoin Burgers for the kids. Call the football a "Bitcoin" instead? These are just some ideas, Bitpay can use them if they would like, so long as Valleywag is compensated in US Dollars.

Now we just need to guess whether Bitcoin will destabilize itself into oblivion before it can lock down an NFL stadium name.