OK, now we're really heading past the Rubicon: a little app by the name of Elevatr has one task: help you crank out startup ideas as easily and quickly as possible. Because nothing says stable economic sector like a constant stream of easy business ideas.

Elevatr's origin story is a real weeper of the free market: "No matter how hard he focused on building that idea into a business, he kept coming up with other startup ideas." Now, with Elevatr, you can organize them all. Organized five startup ideas. Organize ten! Some might laud an app like this for "capitalizing" on the claim that "startups are having a mainstream moment." But in a field with far, far, far too many entrants, making it easier to throw your in your grungy snapback hat as easily as possible can't be anything but bad. Creating a business—even one on paper—shouldn't be an impulse decision, lest we wind up with ten thousand more clones of clones. You should agonize over a business idea. You should care about it. You should put a lot of hard time into its basic premises. You shouldn't be able to hash it out while sitting on the toilet.

Of course, Elevatr just locked down half a million dollars in funding.