Mega-VC Peter Thiel's eponymous, anti-college "fellowship" is part of his techno-libertarian fantasy: in the future, no one will need to attend bloated institutions like college. You'll just start a business instead—how about trading an education for topical energy spray?

TechCrunch has the word on young Ben Yu, who is taking time off from Harvard to pursue "Sprayable Energy," which is exactly what it sounds like: caffeine you spray on your neck like cologne and absorb through your flesh. It's basic premise is that drinking caffeine—in a capsule, coffee, or whatever—is too much. Better to cut out the step of ingestion and just absorb chemicals directly into your bloodstream.

Yu and his partner are looking to raise $15,000 on Indiegogo—meanwhile, TechCrunch notes "there haven’t been any long-term studies on how in-taking caffeine through the skin compares to ingesting it." Not that everyone leaves Harvard necessarily goes on to do something worthwhile, but trading time toward a degree for time fundraising for caffeine spray doesn't either.