Time just dropped a list of ten hot New York companies. They're burning up, so check 'em out before they get so hot they go out of business because they're not so good.

"The temperature of NYC’s start-up scene seems to get turned up another five degrees," according to Time's white-hot press release. Fan yourself off and drink some ice water before you read these inductees:

  • ARCHETYPEME will apparently "redefine ‘personal’ search and discovery by placing users within a community of like-minded people where they’ll receive original, relevant content and videos." This is a little vague.
  • GROUPER is a dating startup that places three random dudes with three random gals, all hoping to bone. It was founded by a disgraced con artist and seems to exclusively attract people whose fraternities were kicked off campus.
  • HUKKSTER is a shopping site that's only been mentioned because it was started by the Winklevii.
  • KLOOFF is billed as a "smartphone app for pet owners who love their pets, Klooff lets users share photos—" I'm just going to stop right there.
  • QWIKI is "a leader in automated video production, recently released an iPhone app that automatically creates beautiful movies from the events captured on your iPhone." Shoot us an email if you've ever used Qwiki.
  • UPWORTHY is actually a fairly popular editorial operation, so at least Time included one winner.

The rest of the list is fairly unremarkable, which is itself remarkable: is this really the best they could find? is our only takeaway. A social network for pets shouldn't be on anyone's top ten list of anything, even if you're actually a dog.