Every social caste has its benchmark for conspicuous consumption. For startup founders it might as well be Keeping Up with the Morins. After Path CEO Dave Morin's major day phone/night phone reveal in Vanity Fair, Circa founder and CEO Matt Galligan had some big UGGs to fill.

Thankfully he seems to have come up with an equally superfluous accoutrement. In an interview for Flavorwire "presented by UGG," Galligan says that one of his top three "must-have" items when traveling is an Aereopress:

For personal:
• Kindle Paperwhite — while my iPad could easily act as a book-reader, I find that using my Kindle keeps me away from other distractions
Aeropress — you never know where you can get good coffee when traveling, so I like to bring my own brewing method to ensure I get a quality cup no matter where I go
• Jawbone Jambox — this bluetooth speaker keeps me rocking some tunes no matter where I’m at

Besides potable water, coffee is one of near ubiquitous conveniences of contemporary life on planet Earth. But you do you.

If you're not familiar with Circa, it's a breaking news app that mashes together bits of articles and regurgitates it into your smartphone like a kindly mama bird. Circa, from what I can tell, is incredibly popular with the many angel investors and VCs who have backed it—like Dave Morin. Circa's not bad at spotting stories one might otherwise miss. I've recommended it to fellow bloggers, but to no avail. Perhaps if the download came with a "quality cup" from Galligan's suitcase?

[Image via AllThingsD]