Just like we'd have trouble going back to silent films and burning the dead to stay warm during winter, Dashing Microblogger King Jack Dorsey can't deal with the primitive ways anymore: Vine is so good, he says, all other visual media are boring.

During a chat at Hearst, deep in the gut of old media, Dorsey lamented away. Why would anyone look at a photograph, admire a painting, or read a poem, when they could stare at a six-second loop of video instead? Betabeat was on the scene:

“I think it’s an entirely new art form, and I think it’s amazing–every picture I look at right now, I want it to move, I’m waiting for it to move. Where’s the sound?”

“It’s changed my perspective on media and art,” he added. “Not only can you take a picture of the beach, but you can actually see the waves move. You can hear the beach.”

Where's the sound indeed. And yet, here's the most recent Vine that popped up on my ol' feed:

The revolution will be looped. [Betabeat]